Our first-party insurance litigation practice focuses on commercial real estate owners, individuals and businesses who have filed claims with their insurance carriers for a loss that has either not yet been paid or was denied. Our firm has extensive experience in this unique and narrow field of law representing insureds who have had their properties damaged by fire, water, collapse, windstorm, hurricane, vandalism, theft, and the like, against numerous insurance carriers, insurance agents and brokers. In addition, our firm focuses in life insurance disputes and disability claims.

In recent years, our firm has been successful in obtaining significant recoveries for our clients because of damages sustained as a result of Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Sandy. When your insurance company turns its back on you we fight for your rights, and make sure that you are not getting taken advantage of.

The Aboulafia Law Firm is dedicated to maximizing settlement opportunities, and has achieved tens of millions of dollars in settlements against insurance carriers, agents and brokers.

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